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Don’t Kill A Tree For Christmas. Consider the LIVING Alternative.

December 11, 2016 OwnerMVa EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Branches! Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, I Wish They’d Leave You On The Ranches! It Makes No Sense, With Climate Change, To Hack You Down, Contract Your Range, You Hold The Carbon Oh So Well, To Keep Our Planet From Turning Into HELL, Oh […]


Don't Cut That Tree Down For Christmas!Stop Cutting Down Trees for Christmas

Back By Popular Demand–Regional Op-Ed. CA: Democracy, Land Use, and Mass Extinctions.

September 17, 2016 OwnerMVa EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

By far the most requested article I have written. First published by Yuba Net in 2007, for reasons unknown to me, Yuba Net has pulled this article down though it was been cached. Though I was tempted to edit it, here it is, as is. Thanks to all that have requested it through the years, […]


Democracy and Land UseDemocracy and Land Use in CADemocracy Land Use And Mass Extinctions in CALand Use Decisions and Democracy in CA

Got Frogs?

February 16, 2016 OwnerMVa EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

California is confused about its nature, literally. For a state that over the past decade has repulsed anything with the letters G, O, P in it, it now manages its own nature through a political program set up by George Bush Jr. Perhaps you’ve heard of it and yes, like anything else associated with George […]


California' NatureDr. Relyea New Rachel CarsonFire Clearing Impacts to BiodiversityGot Frogs?Healthy Forest "Restoration" ActHealthy Forests Destruction ActPesticides and Fire ClearingPesticides Effects on Frogs

Tribute Trail, Nevada City, CA

January 16, 2016 OwnerMVa EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

Title: Tribute Trail. A Tribute to What? For ten+ years I have been trying to expose this issue as the fraud it is–clearing native vegetation for “fire safety”. Here we go again with the “Tribute Trail” project. In every major fire in CA, areas that were cleared (paid for with public monies) burned to the […]


Does Fire Clearing Stop Fires?Impacts of Fire Clearing to Native VegetationRemoval of Native Vegetation for Fire Clearing


February 25, 2015 OwnerMVa EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

Sung to the tune of “Let’s Fall In Love” (We keep having to add more and more verses, refrains, to this. We do realize this affects the flow–sorry) Congressmen Do It, “Land Conservancies” Do It, County Engineers Do It, Lotsa’ Fire, Fed, and State Agencies Do it, State Parks, the CCC, and P and G […]


Fling an Acorn for Future Generations!

September 11, 2013 Rabbit EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

“HEY, THERE’S A TREE IN THERE!!” Look at all those acorns just lying around in the road, going to waste! C’mon, join the fun!! It’s all the rage!!! ACORN FLINGING!! How do you do it? By flinging every healthy hearty acorn you see off the road back into the woods! It’s fun AND convenient!! One […]


Acorn flingingfling an acorn for future generationsoak tree regenerationoak trees for future generationsoak trees in California

The Plant We All Love to Hate

September 11, 2013 Rabbit EOS Blog--Information, Musings, Opinion

“It has these, well, awful thorny things that stick in my dog’s paws, in my tennis shoes, and they HURT! I hate this plant and we pull it out and there it is again!“ Even before you finish explaining what you saw, I know you’re talking about PUNCTURE VINE (Tribulus terrestris) or as it is […]


California puncture vineCalifornia weedsnoxious nonnative plants californiapuncture vineSierra Nevada foothill weedsTribulusTribulus terrestris

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