Services Related to Ecological Preservation and Education

“That’s about it: I knew what I was doing–it’s really what being professional means.” J.L. Carr

Welcome to the website of Ecological Outreach Services (EOS). Thank you for visiting! Over 30 Years In the Profession.

EOS is a CA State Certified Small Business and a Nevada and Yuba-County Approved Biological/Environmental Consulting Company.

LATEST NEWS: Let’s Go Outside! Our kids are getting “screened-out”! Our “offline” classes include local nature hikes, walks, field trips. We take kids skiing! Offline activities include interesting yet simple things kids can easily do around the house, in their own yard. Completed lessons can be submitted to teachers for possible credit. All follow COVID-19 protocols (small groups, social distancing, masks). Contact us!

EOS provides many different kinds of conservation-based ecological services such as:

Biological/Botanical/Tree Surveys, Inventory, and Monitoring (Includes Construction Monitoring). Need a second opinion about a tree removal? See Services for Businesses/Land and Homeowner’s link.

Wetland Delineations/Wetland Ecology (Using Current State and Federal Jurisdictional Standards/Methodology).

Plans, Plans, Plans: Habitat, Mitigation, Monitoring, Conservation, Trails, Eco-tourism–what meets the need.

Peer Review of Environmental Documents, Articles, Plans, Grant Applications, Books.

Habitat Restoration/Revegetation/Native Plant Specialist Including Mitigating Stormwater/Erosion Impacts, Land Use Code Violations.

Eco-Landscaping: Rain-Storm Water Gardens/Native Plant Landscaping/Eco-scaping/Native Plant Selection
(Classes also sometimes held through Sierra Community College. Info will be posted here).

Ecological Land Management for Landowners/Businesses:
Learn how to manage your land in an ecologically sensitive (and sensible) way.

Classes, Hikes, Life Sciences/General Tutoring, Training (Including Pre-Construction). Scheduled and On-Demand.

Writing/Photography Services.

Click on the links to the right to see more detailed information about each of these services.

To contact us, call 530-272-7132 or email us at getinfo at ecooutreachvsm dot com

Thank you for selecting a local small business. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pre-burn Monitor Pass
In Memoriam, Monitor Pass pre-Tamarak Fire (and others). It will never look like this again in our lifetimes. In memorial to a place loved by many who found spiritual refuge within. May Monitor Pass bloom and grow again long after we have passed.

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