Hey Cannabis Growers!

Did you know there are some people who want to see cannabis illegalized again? Why? Because they have seen too much ecological damage from marijuana grows in the past and some think it’s just continuing. Becoming legal is not only the chance to live without the stress of growing illegally, but it now gives growers a way to “CULTIVATE, INTEGRATE, PRESERVE (CIP)”.

CIP means having the least impact on the land you can (which translates into fewer regulatory hoops/saving money anyway), integrating CA’s natural biodiversity into your operation/grow by preserving native trees, native wildflowers, natural habitats. If you need erosion control/stormwater capture, maybe you plant CA native grasses, native shrubs to hold the soil. Preserve means preserving as much of the natural environment on the property as possible.

Integrating includes the human community. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way…


Integrating the natural community into your cultivation operation will integrate you into the human community around you. Growers have incredible opportunities to preserve the land in conjunction with their grows. It’s time for a new paradigm and we are excited about the cannabis growers of the future who want to do this. Interested in making conservation part of your business model? Contact us. The next chapter is yours to write.

Image of old growth oak

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