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Sung to the tune of “Let’s Fall In Love”

(We keep having to add more and more verses, refrains, to this. We do realize this affects the flow–sorry)

Congressmen Do It, “Land Conservancies” Do It, County Engineers Do It,
Lotsa’ Fire, Fed, and State Agencies Do it,
State Parks, the CCC, and P and G and E do’ it,
Let’s Do It!
Let’s Cut Shit Down!

“Healthy Forest” Money ($$$$)
Gotta’ Grab Some of That, Honey,
Don’t Care What We Destroy Because it Justifies My Job, Sonny!
So Get on It!
Let’s Cut Shit Down!

Wildlife Need It, But We’ll Just Bleed It,
The Hell With Steel Roofs and Other Fire Safe Things We Could Be Doing To Lead It!
There’s No Money In It (FOR US)!
Let’s Cut Shit Down!

Native Trees & Shrubs Just Stand There,
Clean-ing Our Air,
Making Oxygen and Keeping the Hill–THERE,
We Say Screw It (it ain’t our money anyway–insert laughter here),
Let’s Cut Shit Down!

Double Refrain
You Can See’ Em Draggin’ Around Their New Shiny Masticators (they bought with your tax dollars!)
It’s Hard to Do On That 90 Degree Slope,
We Gotta Git’ That Evil Manzanita,
Oops, I Think We Also Masticated Some Dope (No, Not the Dope!),

Our Hysteria Is Fully Funded!
As We Hold Our Chainsaws so Tight,
‘Cause the Trees and Shrubs are Perpetratin’ So Many Things,
They Can Even Come for You At Night (so watch out!).

Steep Slopes? We Love ‘Em!
Slam A House On ‘Em!
Even Though the Slopes Collapse and the House in a Fire Will Roast Like an Oven!
Who Cares Now$$! Chop That Oak Tree Down!

“Fire Danger”,
Gotta’ Watch Those Roots, Stranger!
Let’s Do It,
Let’s Cut Shit Down!

Another Refrain
Your House Could Still Roast (Mine Did!)
But This They Won’t Boast,
Cause Then All the Public $$$$$$ Would Turn to Toast,
So Stay On It (Keep Hacking!)
Cut That Shit Down!

Yell out: “Is That the Lorax Under Our New Masticator?” (Insert lots of laughter here)

Let’s Do It,
Let’s Cut Shit Down!


Once a beautiful and lovingly tended-to cherry tree no longer deemed a health and safety risk by Nevada County “road crews” who hacked it in half to “chip seal” a quiet neighborhood street. Not near lines.
We can all sleep better at night now.
Your tax dollars at work!

Native tree and shrub removal on steep slopes may cost you your property!! Slope is now receding TOWARDS the home. width=

Native tree and shrub removal on steep slopes may cost you your property!! Slope is now receding TOWARDS the home. Lower Fay Road. When the trees fall into the road, you’ll get to pay for that too!

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