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Ecological Outreach Services was started by Virginia Moran in 1999 following her experience working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, California State Parks, other agencies, and the private and non-profit sectors. She holds a B.S. in Field Biology and a M.S. in Plant Ecology. Originally from the mid-west, she offers years of experience that spans from Alaska (five+ years), Wyoming, to Vermont, and spaces in between. She combines extensive experience, a solid education, and a passion for her profession into excellent services for her clients.

Virginia has over 20 years as a regulatory field biologist. She has implemented many different kinds of regulations including CEQA/NEPA, and those related to endangered species, mitigation, habitat, and water.

EOS is a Nevada and Yuba County Approved Consultant. EOS is a State of California Certified Small Business.

Some Former Clients Include:

Many private landowners, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Irrigation District, Lake of the Pines, The Nature Conservancy, Center for Natural Lands Management, San Diego Gas and Electric (Sempra Energy), Salvation Army-Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, City of Escondido, Ecorp Consulting, Burleson Consulting, and many others. Virginia has worked as a subcontractor for many other firms and has managed teams of subcontractors. She has taught and continues to teach ecology, biology, and related courses for local colleges.

Driven by a love and respect for the natural environment, Virginia engages in local to international conservation and education projects constantly, often without compensation of any kind. If you want to support her pro bono work, she appreciates donations but they are NOT tax deductible. Virginia is an “Ecopreneur” and EOS is a FOR profit company. She rejects the idea built into our capitalistic system that in order to do good work for society, one has to become a “non-profit”/poor (this paradigm alone is disturbing), and what do most non-profits do once they become “non-profit”? Spend a lot of their time fund-raising. Owing that it is definitely NOT a level playing field, EOS supports a vigorous economy that includes social entrepreneurs who have every right to make money off their good work.

Donations will help EOS protect our environment which is in ALL our interests, so of course, thank you.

Want to instead donate your time to a conservation effort? Get it touch and thank you!

CONTACT US: 530-272-7132. Email: SPAM PREVENTION: getinfo at ecooutreachvsm dot com

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