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Way To Go Ohio

Virginia has been a professional biologist/botanist/ecologist (‘oligist) for over 30 years and was basically born one. Her family moved to paradise, a sprawling old Ohio farm dotted with old oak trees, rolling hills that went on forever, ponds to swim in, incredible places to explore covered in trilliums and fairy slippers, only somebody forget to tell her and the rest of the new kids that it was all going to be destroyed because theirs was the first street of what would become a massive new subdivision (of course, complete will a mall her mother would get a job at, Virginia going from roaming old apple orchards to stores in the new mall; the apple orchards long gone. She resolves some of her grief about this in her first eco-fiction novel, Birdbrain). It was this level of destruction across the nation that in fact led to the creation of the nation’s environmental protections.

Tragically, the displaced wildlife ended up seeking their last refuge on Virginia’s’ brand new street, Virginia’s garage converted into a wildlife rehab “center”. After caring for so many animals, many babies, fledglings (and hundreds of frogs and toads), she has many memories of her mother and she driving sometimes over an hour to “find some place” to release them “where it couldn’t happen again”. As you can imagine, this was nearly impossible. By the time she left for college in the Southern Appalachians, selecting a college that at the time was still surrounded by wild, all the wild of her childhood was utterly gone. Of course, the wild of the college is gone now too. It “expanded and improved”.

Naive or not, she decided to dedicate her life to TRYING to save what she could. Decades later, things are not only worse, but dire. Despite her despair, call it denial, she still strives to heal the planet in whatever ways she can. Thank you for hiring us and trying to do the same.

Driven by a love and respect for the natural environment, Virginia engages in local to international conservation and education projects constantly, often without compensation of any kind. If you want to support her pro bono work, she appreciates donations but they are NOT tax deductible. Virginia is an “Ecopreneur” and EOS is a FOR profit company. She rejects the idea built into our capitalistic system that in order to do good work for society, one has to become a “non-profit”/poor (this paradigm alone is disturbing), and what do most non-profits do once they become “non-profit”? Spend a lot of their time fund-raising. Owing that it is definitely NOT a level playing field, EOS supports a vigorous economy that includes social entrepreneurs who have every right to make money off their good work.

Donations will help EOS protect our environment which is in ALL our interests, so of course, thank you.

Want to instead donate your time to a conservation effort? Get it touch and thank you!

CONTACT US: 530-272-7132. Email: SPAM PREVENTION: getinfo at ecooutreachvsm dot com

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