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Virginia In the Field With Students

EOS offers classes, training, tutoring, and hikes/ecotours on a freelance/on-demand basis. Former clients include public/home/charter school groups, children, and adults. We teach classes for all ages, shapes, and sizes and try to tailor our classes to fit your needs. Virginia has taught and continues to teach biology and ecology courses at four-year and community colleges throughout the region.

Topics include: Biology, Botany, Taxonomy, Ecology, Natural History/Nature Study, Zen and Nature Study/Botany, Nature Writing, and other ideas. All or part of every course is taught outside and if the weather is not severe, may be rain or shine. Walking in the rain can be delightful!


Vernal Pool Walks/Hikes. Check with us every February/March regarding trips to see vernal pools, from the Central Valley north to Table Mountain.

Downingia smiling at the sun.

                     Downingia smiling at the sun.         

Principles of Native Plant Landscaping. This class focuses on empowering YOU to access tools to determine the characteristics of your project site and the best plants to use. It is an excellent class for those interested in the science of ecology and/or already in the landscaping business who want more information about how to select California native plants. It has been offered through Sierra Community College in the past.

On-going: Introduction to Ecology for People Who Work in the Media.This is the same course Virginia has been teaching for colleges in the region and includes a standard textbook and field trips. More causal ecology lessons that meet your schedule are also available.

Classes All Available Upon Request:

Individual or Group Ecology/Nature/Botany Lessons

(the larger the group, the lower the per person cost)

-Kids Nature Programs/Nature Games/Nature Theater/Music/Art
-Principles of Ecological Land Management for Landowners
-Landscaping with California Native Plants
-Healing Through Nature Grief Classes
-Grocery Store Botany
-Literature/Topics in the American Conservation/Environmental Movement
-Nature Appreciation (based on a novel by Aldous Huxley)

-Methods/Approaches to Field Biology (including for the non-field biologist)
-Pre-Construction Trainings
Contact us for your eco-enviro training needs.

TUTORING in Biology, Ecology, Botany, and related courses.

“Rent-a-Naturalist” for your next hike or outing! Contact us for more information.

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