Creative and Technical Freelance Writing Services


Virginia has authored hundreds of environmental/regulatory technical reports as well as hundreds of freelance articles/commentaries for the general public. She has also completed three Eco-fiction novels and is working on a book of short stories ( She can provide examples of all types of her writing. Examples of freelance articles can be viewed at the links below.

Virginia is available to provide peer reviews/book reviews in the areas of environmental/ecological/biological science, including textbooks, environmental regulatory reports/documents, or general environmental articles/books. Feel free to request a copy of her writing resume.


Sacramento News and Review
Do We Like the IDEA of Nature Better Than Nature Itself?

Chico News and Review
Invasion of
the Land Snatchers

Local Plant Collector Documents the Region’s Bio-history; Where Are Those to Replace Him?

Could Biodiesel Made In Your Own Garage Be the Answer To Energy Dependency Using Machines Made in Chico,CA?

Biodiesel Made By You With Locally Manufactured Machine

Biodiesel Pros and Cons (Mostly Pros)

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