Services Related to Ecological Preservation and Education

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WE ARE OFFERING “ONLINE-OFFLINE” CLASSES DURING COVID-19 for all ages. Completed lessons can be submitted to teachers for possible credit. Contact us!

EOS provides many different kinds of conservation-based ecological services such as:

Environmental/Ecological Advocacy

Biological/Botanical/Tree Surveys, Inventory and Monitoring.
(Need a second opinion about tree removal? See Services for Businesses/Land and Homeowner’s link)

Rain-Storm Water Gardens/Native Plant Landscaping/Eco-scaping/Native Plant Selection
(Classes also sometimes held through Sierra Community College. Info will be posted here).

Ecological Land Management for Landowners/Businesses
Learn how to manage your land in an ecologically sensitive (and sensible) way.

Thinking About Setting up Eco-tourism on Your Property, Ranch?
We can definitely help you with this by evaluating what your “natural/ecological assets” are that will appeal to and attract tourists. We can also include assessment of your cultural resources-assets. Once we identify these assets, we pull it all together for you in a plan and help you implement it (such as trail building, placement of a boardwalk/viewing platform on a creek, etc.).

Classes, Hikes, Educational/Training Programs Now Being Offered:
Let’s go look at vernal pools!

Environmental Writing/Photography Services

Click on the links to the right to see more detailed information about each of these services.

To contact us, call 530-272-7132 or email us at getinfo at ecooutreachvsm dot com

Thank you for selecting a local small business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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